SOLVED - Rewrite https and nonwww to www

I’m trying to redirect http //, http // and https // to https // with the following simple caddyfile: { redir to bind root /var/www/html/ }

But https // does not redirect to https //
What am I doing wrong? According to it should work: “To create a permanent, “catch-all” redirect, omit the from value:”

A few concerns and suggestions regarding your setup:

  1. Multiple sites should be comma-space delimited as per Caddyfile documentation
  2. Your two sites are the same
  3. If you remove the scheme (https://), Caddy will automatically handle HTTP → HTTPS redirection
  4. In the redir directive docs, to and from are not literal; they should be swapped out for actual values - the 2nd example on the page you linked is relevant to what you’re attempting
  5. Your redir directive may create a loop if this vhost is used for the entire config

With that in mind, I propose an alternate Caddyfile:, {
    redir 301 { # Permanent redirect specified for clarity
        if {host} starts_with # Only redir if there's no www
        /{uri} # Preserve request URI
    root /var/www/html

Thanks for your answer, @Whitestrake!

Regarding point 1 and 2: these were just copy-paste errors I made when asking the question.
I did not know about point 3, thanks! And after rereading the docs on redir your point 4 is obvious now.

Anyway with your proposed configuration its working perfectly now!

Thank you!

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