So i've created a Web UI for Caddy

Hello all!

So I started to build a webinterface for Caddy a few days ago and want to show you my progress.
The idea behind it is completely based on the Nginx Proxy Managet from jc21. The webinterface itself writes Caddyfiles and then reloads Caddy. So it is possible to manage caddyfiles etc. via webinterface.

Currently the version is really unstable and can only add and delete hosts. Also a login system does not exist yet. But it will be added soon.

The whole thing is based on ReactJS with Flowbite as frontend and GoLang with as backend.

I would like to hear your opinion and know what you think, what features the webinterface needs.

Greetings Pacerino


Very cool, thanks for sharing this! I’ll mention it on Twitter.

Hope it can see much adoption and success :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting, thanks will keep an eye out