Small visual glitch on request/sec graph

(Guilherme Bernal) #1 for my instance:


This is just a minor detail, but when a peak like this happens, the rising line is kind of going back in time. I’m quite sure my server’s clock was moving forward when it happened.

I wasn’t sure where to report this.

(Guilherme Bernal) #2

Just got again:


I also think the data is wrong here. I didn’t have this spike, and there is no correspondence on user-agent table bellow.

(Matt Holt) #3

Haha, this is a funny quirk about how the curve is being smoothed. I’ll play with turning off the smoothing, though usually it’s kind of nice.

(Matt Holt) #4

Oh, I just saw your reply. That’s weird… can you give me the instance ID?

(Guilherme Bernal) #5

Just sent to you privately. Thanks.

(system) #6

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