Site upgrades for v2 are now live

The site has been upgraded with a new download page, account portal and augmented documentation system, yay!

  • The Download page lets you add plugins and download custom Caddy builds for your platform. Builds should be faster and more reliable thanks to modern Go tooling and better funding! However, please do not automate deployments from this complimentary system, it is for convenience in manual downloads only. The new download page also lets you choose specific versions of each plugin!
  • The JSON docs and module docs now include documentation for registered, non-standard plugins.
  • The Caddy portal is very simple for now, but should be just enough to let you register/claim your packages.

Plugin developers

Please log in and claim your v2 plugin packages. Note that you register Go packages, not whole repositories; so register each Go package that is a Caddy plugin, even if a repository has multiple packages: register each package. Package import paths are not URLs (i.e. they do not have a scheme). This is for v2 plugins only, v1 is not supported.

Please allow several seconds for scanning your repository. Once it completes, your plugin’s docs will be visible on our website and it should appear on our download page for users to plug in when they customize their builds.

Scan through your rendered docs to make sure they look right and are useful to users. Since the documentation system reads godoc-style comments, you may be accustomed to writing them for developers more than users. If you want to make changes to improve your docs (or anything else), you can push updates to your repo and then “Rescan” in your account to update the docs on our website.

The “Rescan” action just updates the documentation on our site. It is NOT necessary to rescan after every commit/tag/release. That’s one of the many improvements over the v1 site: just tag new releases and they will automatically be the new default for builds on our build server.

The doc system is quite unique and was very difficult to make, so I probably didn’t get it quite right. If you encounter errors please kindly let me know and I’ll take a look at the logs and see about fixing it.

To all plugin authors: :sparkles: Thank you for making Caddy better! I hope you’ll be excited to share your creation on our website so more people can discover it.

Existing accounts

If you had an account on the old site, I’ve made sure to preserve it so you won’t have to sign up again. Just log in with your existing credentials.

Caddy 1 End of Life

This is probably the final nail in the coffin for Caddy v1. The old site and build server is being decommissioned. The v1 docs site is gone, but an archive of the v1 site is available through a link in the sidebar navigation. The v1 branch is still available if you want to build Caddy 1 from source. But no development has happened on it for 6+ months at this point. Please upgrade to Caddy 2. Thanks!

Bugs / problems

The Caddy website is open source: GitHub - caddyserver/website: The Caddy website - feel free to report any bugs or issues there, as well as feature discussion, etc.

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Happy to see the Modules eco system and a structured approach. Makes it much easier going forward. Great work all !

Hi Matt,

Under the V1 build server, say I wanted to add a Cloudflare DNS plugin for the FreeBSD 64-bit platform, the command I would run under FreeNAS/FreeBSD, that the build server would suggest, would be curl | bash -s personal tls.dns.cloudflare

Can you or someone on your team please suggest or recommend a method to download a custom build directly onto a FreeBSD platform using the V2 download page?

Hey Basil, you can use xcaddy for that.

We’re a step ahead. @danb35 has figured it out and implemented some very clever scripting to take advantage of it. :smile:

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Well, some “very clever scripting” using xcaddy

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