Site is not reachable when I use the domain name

My caddy config: {
    proxy / localhost:4483

And I run it as:

$ caddy -conf myConfig

Activating privacy features... done.
WARNING: File descriptor limit 1024 is too low for production servers. At least 8192 is recommended. Fix with "ulimit -n 8192".

So, when I visit, the page never opens. I can access the port too myip:4483 and I can see my page.

I have also run:

sudo setcap cap_net_bind_service=+ep $(which caddy)

Caddy version:

$ caddy -version

Caddy 0.10.10 (non-commercial use only)

I have disabled firewalls also.

Hi @avi, welcome to the Caddy community.

Can you curl -iL and post the result?

@Whitestrake Thanks for replying. It was actually DNS issue and I solved it :smiley:

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