'Shuttering' during maintenance

Just wondering.

WHat do people do if they want to ‘shutter’ a website (or part of a website) temporarily during some maintenance or upgrade work?

What options does Caddy offer?

This is most relevant for operating a reverse proxy, but it might apply to other websites more generally.


Modern CMS’ will flick a switch that sets the index.php to serve a maintenance page rather than the usual homepage. WordPress is a good example of that.

Otherwise the simplest way is to have a maintenance site handy in another webroot, change the root directive for the site in question, and reload the Caddy config (USR1 signal on Linux).

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Yes, switching root is good advice. Thanks. This is also probably sufficient for the use-case of Caddy reverse-proxying other sites, although it could get complicated if there are many origin sites.

( Not sure about that usage of the word ‘modern’? :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’s there to hedge against the non-zero possibility of older systems using other methods I’m unaware of in the past. It is not incorrect to include it :smiley:

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