Should I use them together - caching code

Now I have this for caching

(caching) {
        header {
                Cache-Control "public, max-age=604800, must-revalidate"

I am not sure, but should I also insert this below. I do not want to duplicate caching, if the one above do similar things. If I should use them both, how to insert “expires” into “caching” snippet?

expires {
    match some/path/.*.css$ 1y # expires
    css files in some/path after one year
    match .js$ 1m # expires
    js files after 30 days
    match .png$ 1d # expires
    png files after one day
    match .jpg$ 1h # expires
    jpg files after one hour
    match .pdf$ 1i # expires
    pdf file after one minute
    match .txt$ 1s # expires
    txt files after one second
    match .html$ 5i30s # expires
    html files after 5 minutes 30 seconds

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