Share config file between servers

I would like to use 2 Caddy servers: one in Europe, one is the US to serve the same, very simple content. Something like a CDN.

I found out that there is a simple plugin to share the certificates via DynamoDB or Redis, but is there a way to share the config file in similar fashion? I was thinking to store the “master” in S3 and then run Cron every 10 mins with s3cmd to pull, but is there any other more elegant way?
As mentioned earlier, content is very simple, but it needs to be served via quite a lot domains, via HTTPS…


Not exactly… Not yet. Remote & cluster management is my next major project.

Remember that caddy uses an API for its config so you don’t need to sync a file, just do an HTTP request to your instances (although, the admin endpoint is not currently designed for remote management so you will want to be careful about authentication) and that should be the easiest way for now. But it’s up to you.

OK, only problem might be if one of the instances would be offline, would error on request etc. Then they would be out of sync. That’s why I thought that sharing same file will keep them insync.

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