Setting up Caddy in a home network with DuckDNS

Is there an easy way to get Caddy working as a reverse proxy on a home LAN using duckdns? (yes, I read all the warnings and accept full responsibility) I have a normal domain name, which just happens to be, and I have it pointing at my setup. I tried the simple Caddyfile approach, but it failed fairly spectacularly, and my knowledge of these issues is limited enough that I don’t really know how to go about fixing it on my own. I’m set up so points to my home network through Caddy really looks like the way to go for this, especially with the built-in certificate stuff…seems so much less complicated than setting up a whole nginx installation as a reverse proxy server.

Please fill out the help topic template (click to open a new topic, you can copy the template into a new reply in this topic), it’s unclear what you’re having trouble with without more detail.

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