Setting up a caddy server using vagrant

Hey gus,

For my thesis im comparing http over tcp (apache) and http/2 over tcp (caddy).
I thought it would be a cool idea to upload my test environment as a vagrant config file. I was able to setup the version for apache quite easily since there where a ton of examples/tutorials but i cant seem to find any example for setting up a caddy server using vagrant. Is this not possible? If it is possible could someone point me in the right direction?


Caddy is a singe binary, so your objective is simply to download it and put it somewhere in the PATH. Looks like there’s a number of ways for Vagrant to tackle this:

  • Use Docker provisioning and grab Abiosoft’s Docker image from here
  • Write a shell script to grab a specific version from Download Caddy (Abiosoft’s Dockerfile incidentally has a great example of how you would go about this)
  • Download Caddy manually, put it next to your Vagrantfile and use file provisioning

Then worry about your Caddyfile.

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