Server crashes for *** in Caddyconfig

Hi all,

I installed Caddy through the abiosoft/caddy container and it has been working great. Recently, I tried to deploy using this method to an Azure virtual machine with the subdomain of

My Caddy config file looks like {
root ./

When I start Caddy it immediately crashes. I haven’t scanned the logs yet but I was wondering if there is something I am obviously doing wrong or something I am missing.

I should mention I have Caddy running on this same server using shorter subdomains.

Thanks for your input.


A friend of mine helped me find some Microsoft guidance. Per Microsoft:

_You cannot obtain an SSL certificate from a certificate authority (CA) _
_for the domain. You must acquire a custom domain name to _
use when access your service. When you request a certificate from a CA _
the certificate’s subject name must match the custom domain name used to
_ access your application. For example, if your custom domain name is you would request a certificate from your CA for * or

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