Serve a new host without restart

I’m setting up a server where users can create their own sites and upload static html files to be served. My problem is that, every time a new site is added to Caddyfile, as far as I understand, Caddy needs to be restarted in order to serve the new website.
Is there a way to get around that where other sites won’t be affected when a new one is added?

Caddy supports graceful restarts, affecting nothing. (Like ‘reload’)

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You could signal Caddy with USR1, which does a zero-downtime reload.

Awesome. It works perfectly.
Thanks for the support guys.

Is there a way to do this on windows?

Nope, sorry. Eventually Caddy will have an API (which I’ve started designing – but I’m working mostly on the build system right now) which should be cross-platform compatible and be able to do the same thing.

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