Self-signed certificate has no names

Currently on my local development machine I’m using Caddy version 0.11.0, and have been wanted to upgrade to 1.0.0 for some time now.

Recently I got some time to try to upgrade, but when I run it I get the following message:

self-signed: certificate has no names

Since this prevents me from using Caddy 1.0.0 on my local machine, is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Edit: I just noticed this PR here relating to this exact issue:
Is the solution to just manually copy the changes over from that PR when building from source, or should I just wait for it to be fixed in a way that Matt is happy with?

Assuming this is because you have a catch-all with tls self_signed, you can either use a specific hostname, wait for the PR, or build the PR locally.

Here’s a guide outlining how to fetch a PR locally and swap to it so you can build it. Checking out pull requests locally - GitHub Docs

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Thanks for the information!

I didn’t realise that this issue was specific to catch-all configurations, so I had a look around at the conf files I’ve got. Turns out there’s one conf file hidden away with a catch-all config in it.

I don’t need a catch-all anyway, so I just removed it and it’s all ok now :slight_smile:


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