Root and www certificates

Simply a request.

When I use other tools for applying https certs like, I can just issue multiple domains in one cert like --issue -d -d ......

I don’t know how to do this using caddy. By default, caddy would apply two certs for root and www domains. I think it would be very nice if I can apply one cert for both root and www domains. Maybe it can be done like this: in Caddyfile I can write two host in a line to achieve it, for examplle {
    tls ......

If you want to manage certificates yourself, then use a tool like Certbot or Otherwise, just let Caddy do it for you.

What do you need this for? It is usually discouraged in automation:

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I thought it would be easy to manage certificates.

I got the point. I saw there were some discussion about SAN certificates. Indeed there is no need to develop such a function.

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