Rewrite with {hostonly}

Hello, I’m trying to rewrite a subdomain over to a path segment so that I can transform something like http://{branch}.{project} over to s3://bucket/{project}/{branch}. I don’t think this is possible given the current rewrite functionality but I’m hoping I’m wrong. Here’s as far as I got,, *.*
log stdout
errors stdout
proxy /
rewrite {
  r ([^.]+)\.([^.]+)\
  to /{2}/{1}

But, this doesn’t work because rewrite's regexp is on the path not the domain and if (where I can match the domain) doesn’t pass captured groups to the destinations.

As far as I am aware, you can only rewrite the URI. To achieve this functionality with Caddy may require maintaining a list of vhosts for this purpose, perhaps you could import from a directory containing files for each branch/project.

Thanks @Whitestrake. That’s what I was exploring next… importing a folder containing a bunch of files that list each rewrite with a hardcoded s3 path.

However, not willing to give up… does anyone know of a way to inject request specific environment variables to a Caddy request (similar to nginx’s Lua component)? I could see doing the parsing elsewhere and just leaving Caddy with a {$REQUEST_BRANCH} or {$REQUEST_PROJECT} environment variable.

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