Rewrite to another domain


Setting up a local website, pretty simple like so:

localhost:2001 {
  root ./encollab.dp.wty.enquiry/


I’m trying to redirect all traffic to a particular part of the site to another domain entirely. The URL will look something like:

http://localhost:2001/sap/opu/odata/sap/[from here on anything goes]

So i tried a few things in this vein:

rewrite /sap/opu/odata/sap{uri}

What would be the approach to redirect everything following /odata/sap/?

Hi @jorgt,

rewrite handles URI changes internally and invisibly to the client. Since you actually want to bump them to a different domain, you’ll want to use redir instead.

Since in normal usage, from must be exact, but you want to redirect under a base path instead, you’ll have to use if functionality like this to check for the base path yourself:

redir {
  if {path} starts_with /foo/bar

Alternately, you could self-contain it within its own site definition, which surprisingly requires fewer lines:

localhost:2001/foo/bar {
  redir /{uri}
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