Rewrite rules to block access to folder navigate


I’m trying to make a rule that will block the folder access from browser. For example if the user types , and there is a folder named images in my root, the user should get forbidden

this are the rules that I currently have:

rewrite / {
r .*
ext /
#to /forbidden
to {path} {path}/ /index.php?{query}

If I navigate to the url , I get this:

Hi @Daniel_Tucan, welcome to the Caddy community!

The image you’ve shared shows the index listing provided by Caddy’s browse directive.

Remove browse from your Caddyfile and Caddy will stop providing this listing (clients will receive a 404 status if they try to navigate a directory that has no explicit index file).

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@Whitestrake thank you for the reply… I thought about that but I couldn’t find the brows directive in my Caddyfile. After your reply, as I wanted to post you the entire content of my Caddyfile, I spotted the brows directive hidden in other lines of code.
As you mention, as soon as i commented the brows directive, I achieved what I desired. Thank You!

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