Reverse_proxy without redirect to original url

1. The problem I’m having:

there is an form (like typeform) which url is how can I reverse_proxy to it without redirect ?

with this config {
  reverse_proxy {
     header_up Host {upstream_hostport}

when I open in browser, it will redirect to the original url? is it possible to show page of original url without changing url in the browser location bar?

2. Error messages and/or full log output:

the behavior is not what I want

3. Caddy version:

caddy version
v2.7.5 h1:HoysvZkLcN2xJExEepaFHK92Qgs7xAiCFydN5x5Hs6Q=

4. How I installed and ran Caddy:

a. System environment:

Ubuntu 22.04

See the docs, for proxying to an HTTPS upstream: reverse_proxy (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation

@francislavoie thanks,

for, though I still don’t understand why, it works.

reverse_proxy {
     header_up Host {upstream_hostport}

but for feishu forms, {
   reverse_proxy {
     header_up User-Agent "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/15.5 S
     # header_up Origin
     header_up Host {upstream_hostport}
     # header_down -Location

I’ve set the form to anonymous access (fill with no login required).

with head_down -Location setting, open the url in browser, I get the Found link.
without head_down -Location setting, open the url it will redirect to upstream url

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say. What don’t you understand, exactly?

[quote=“dfang, post:3, topic:22371”]

What’s your question, exactly? I don’t follow. Please explain in detail.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Show example requests with curl -v. Show your logs.

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