Reverse proxy to "surf the internet"?

  • explain what you are trying to do,
    When I’m remote from my house I’d like to have all of my remote traffic pass through my house to wherever I am remotely. I will not always have admin privs to run a vpn / etc

  • show what you have already tried,
    I’ve tried the following in my caddy file: {
tls self_signed
proxy / {

  • include error messages and log output,
**404.** That’s an error.

The requested URL `/` was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

if I get google working, then i should be able to access any site (even if blocked locally)

Hi @mk20158,

Based on your description, you probably don’t want a reverse proxy (which sits in front a server, responding with the contents of that server to any client).

You likely want a forward proxy (which sits in front of your client - the web browser - and fetches the contents of any site for you).

It’s not a core plugin, so you’ll need to add it to your download from the plugins list.

The problem is i won’t have access to change the settings on the remote PC all of the time. I’m assuming you would have to set up the proxy in the internet options.

or am i wrong?

The HTTP proxy can easily be configured in the user settings of the browser itself, without any administrative privileges required.

For example, here are the options available on my installation of Firefox - in Options → General → Scroll down to the Network Settings:

The alternative is making one reverse proxy for every single site you might want to visit, and ensuring that those sites don’t issue any redirects to their canonical addresses, etc…

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