Reverse Proxy To Ghost Blog Host

I’m trying to host a ghost blog on a raspberry pi
I currently have ports 80 & 443 being forwarded to my server
Caddy is running on my server, and doing reverse proxy on a bunch of different services on my server

What would my caddyfile need to contain to direct traffic in from the router, through the server and out to the raspberry pi?

If I was running the ghost blog on the server it would be easy, I could just reverse proxy locally

I’ve tried so many options I’ve started to forget what I’m actually trying to achieve
So I’d like to start from scratch with a clean ghost install, and a fresh caddy directive
But need some help with what my server caddyfile needs to contain?

Do I need to have caddy running on the raspberry pi as well?

It would just look like this: {
	reverse_proxy <ip-of-your-raspberry-pi>:<port>
} {
	reverse_proxy localhost:8080

I was worried you were going to say that.
That’s what I thought it was going to be, which means the problem is on the raspberry pi/ghost side
And that’s seemingly a lot more difficult to solve

Would the port for the reverse proxy of the raspberry pi be the default ghost port (2368)?

It’ll be whatever port ghost is configured listen on, yes.

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