Reverse Proxy Question :)

Hi, I hope I choose the right category for my question.
So I’m currently using Apache to set up reverse proxies via a client’s request to hook up their domain and I was wondering how I could do that without having to manually edit the Caddyfile.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean based on that wording. Please elaborate.

for example say a user wants to point => how would I go about doing that without editing the Caddyfile

That seems backwards. Why would an IP address point to a domain?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to describe. Please elaborate. In detail.

Are you looking for On-Demand TLS maybe?

That feature is unique to Caddy, it’s not something Apache can do.

Is there just a way to update the caddy file without manually editing it? I want to make an automatic function to reverse proxy.

user has content at IP:port and wants to put it on
I can reverse proxy it by manually editing the caddy file but I’m just asking to see if there is a way to do this without having to manually edit the file.

How would you expect Caddy to find out about these config changes? You need to change the config somehow.

I don’t understand what you’re looking for here. What usecase are you trying to solve, exactly?

How are you running Caddy? How did you install it? How are the sites you’re trying to proxy to provisioned? Etc.

I think this is where the confusion is. Maybe show us your Apache config. You want to serve a lot of customer domains without editing your Caddyfile for each one, right?

Are you asking a question about coding or config? Or just using Caddy in general?

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