Reverse proxy dashboard - like Nginx Proxy Manager

I’ve recently seen some videos using Nginx Proxy Manager, and I have to say, it looks pretty slick–having a web GUI control panel to set up reverse proxy configuration (including TLS termination, naturally), is pretty slick. Of course, Caddy’s configuration is much simpler, but it’s still text-based. Is there a web-based control panel/dashboard for reverse proxy setup using Caddy?

Not at this time. A web GUI for Caddy is in the plans, but not being actively worked on.

Generally, the Caddyfile is easy enough to configure that you shouldn’t need a GUI though. It’s a lot of work to build and maintain an interface like that; the time is usually better spent building more features into the web server itself.

OK. True, proxy configuration is pretty easy–one line is enough to do it in every case I’ve encountered thus far. And I guess if someone thought such a thing were too critical, it could be implemented using the API. Would be nice to have, though.

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