Rev proxy teamspeak


im trying to get my teamspeak on my rev proxy and subdomain. {

	proxy / {

My websites work just fine, but I cant it work with my teamspeak.

Maybe its because its not UDP?
But how do I use UDP in caddy rev proxy?

I hope someone can help me.


Hi @Stefan_Isacsson,

Teamspeak transfers voice data to clients over UDP from port 9987.

Caddy speaks HTTP(S) over TCP, usually on ports 80/443. The two are not compatible, despite being capable of working on the same port.

If your Teamspeak is running on an internal server (i.e. and you need to run a program at the edge of your network to proxy to it, I suggest ts3proxy:

Edit: Actually, you might be able to use the (disclaimed as beta) net server type to essentially port forward via Caddy:

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