Request for v2 plugins

Hi !

( first post on the forums )
I love your products! Im currently upgrading to v2 and noticed some key plugins are now missing or not yet supported.

Is there a plan to get the “requestid” and “prometheus” plugins for the v2? (I don’t think it has been requested already)


I split your comment into a new thread - please don’t post on years-old threads!

Most plugins are developed and maintained by third-party developers, not by the Caddy team itself. Since v2 is still in beta (but very very close to release candidates!) there’s not many plugins yet.

v1 plugins are not compatible with v2, so they’ll need to be reimplemented to work with v2. If you’re interested in porting the plugins yourself, then check out the docs here: Extending Caddy — Caddy Documentation

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