Remote_ip but DNS?

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I simply want to know if Caddy has a mechanism to match a source client based on their DNS. Meaning, something similar to


where Caddy looks up on some schedule/based on TTL and keeps a cache of the IP response. Many firewalls do this so you can say “Allow from”. This is especially useful when dealing with source IPs that are on DDNS.

Google has turned up nothing, but I figured I might ask. Alternatively can I reference a file that I populate something like

file_path filevariablename /opt/listofIPs
remote_ip  filevariablename

And Caddy knows about changes to that file without a restart.

or I populate env variables or really any way to do this.

My fall back is something like use a snippet, create a cron of some sort to update the snippet with IPs and another cron or something to restart Caddy when the modify time changes to the snippet.

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Docker, Debian 11

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I don’t know of a matcher module that does this, currently. One could certainly be written though.

It’s just not efficient. Even if you cache responses, you still have to look them up initially, and if you get a flood of different names then it can become impractical and use up server resources.

I imagine such matching behavior would have to rely on PTR records. Does your DDNS provider set the PTR records?
As @matt said, such custom matcher may be implemented as a 3rd party module. The module needs to implement the RequestMatcher interface.

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There’s a plugin for this!


Aha! Thank you. I’ll check it out.

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Ahhh that’s good to know :blush:

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