Remote error: tls: bad certificate

Hi folks,
today i migrated my first server from nginx to caddy.
One of two problems left: remote error: tls: bad certificate

My log gets flooded by this error (guess because the websocket from Discourse)

Help would be awesome - if possible.

Kind Regards!

Huh, I run these forums with Caddy and don’t see those errors. (I do see lots of EOF errors but I think that’s okay.) Are you sure your Discourse is set up right?

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I just found the issue!
It was my etherpad - i was sure i had this on a different machine but no, it was still there, with no caddy entry. :smiley:

…awww just saw in the logs handshake errors too - and No such site at :80. :unamused:

I proxied Discourse containers for a while, too, I even did some work to get it running out of a subfolder rather than a subdomain (long polling became an issue there though). I had Caddy proxy to it via Linux socket.

No such site at :80 is either a misconfiguration of Caddyfile (bad vhost?) or simply someone having a domain pointed at your server that Caddy isn’t configured to serve.

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