Receive domain name as case sensitive

(Md Mahfuzur Rahman) #1

I have some encrypted information in the domain name which needs to be case sensitive so that the server can decrypt it correctly. Is there any way to configure caddy so that it receives the domain name in a case sensitive fashion? For example, if the domain name is, I want to receive it as it is. Currently, I receive which is the case insensitive version and my decryption fails.

(Matt Holt) #2

Domain names are case-insensitive by spec. This sounds a bit like an abuse of DNS… and I don’t think I would be fond of changing Caddy to support that.

You might be able to as a plugin, but don’t expect clients like browsers or curl to treat them the way you want, either. :-/

You could try using an encoding that is not case-sensitive, maybe?

(Matthew Fay) #3

I wonder if any of other web servers preserve case as received from the client?

(Matt Holt) #4

Probably Tor servers?