Rate limiting for v2

Is there any plan to get rate limiting into caddy v2 as a default module or external module? I can help with migration.

There is no rate limiter planned yet that I know of, but I’d happily entertain a design disussion and proposal in our issue tracker! https://github.com/caddyserver/caddy/issues/new

(The actual module code will probably live in a separate repo though.)

thanks for the response. Do you think this design could be good enough as a design ref?

I think a proposal should start fresh with Caddy 2. You can use the v1 plugin for ideas, sure, but not much beyond that in the proposal/design phase. (Later—during development—similar logic in code could be brought over, of course.)

I’d start with describing the high-level functionality, what the module name would be, what its config structure would look like, what the behavior would be in various situations, and figure out the Caddyfile syntax last.