Question: Caddy as an SSL Proxy?

Hey guys. I have built a platform [1] and I want to support custom domains and automatically get SSL.

Current deployment is using Nginx as a web front-end to a Rails application (using Dokku which is basically Docker). The current architecture makes it very hard to support SSL for custom domains.

I am thinking about using Caddy as a front-end web proxy that could manage the configuration and SSL for all custom domains.

Caddy would then forward traffic either to Nginx or directly to Puma/Rails but the backend web server would not need to know about SSL at all. It would just process requests.


Is this a reasonable approach?

I am brand new to Caddy… what module or setup should I start with?

Thank you for any pointers!


[1] Webase is the platform:

Yes, absolutely! This is something Caddy excels at.

Here’s a recent article by a Caddy user who set this up for their SaaS in AWS

Here’s the On-Demand TLS docs that you’re probably looking for:

(By the way, SSL is the old term, SSL is deprecated. It’s now called TLS.)


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