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    I am trying to consolidate my outside presence by using Caddy as a front end proxy to the WAN/. For example my plex server which runs on port 32400 on the localhost. I tried this in my caddyfile:

    proxy /plex localhost:32400 {

But it gives me a 401 Unauthorized.

If I change the /plex to be / it will work perfectly. Any thoughts? I’m also trying to do the same with my home cameras which would be /cam1 and /cam2 but they give the same 401 Unauthorized errors unless they are the root.

Thanks again for any help!

Is plex expecting the path to have /plex in it? If not, use without /plex to strip it.

Thank’s for your help Matt. The link that is accessible (without a proxy) is http://localhost:32400/web/index.html

If localhost:32400 is visited it will redirect to /web/index.html which it does it i visit (proxy the root folder / ) but if I do a proxy for it gives me the 401 error.

Plex is a bit of a problem when it comes to reverse proxying, exponentially so when it comes to subfolders instead of subdomains. I cannot recommend enough just putting it on a subdomain instead. It wants /web, /system, /servers, /accounts, /myplex, /photo, and /clients, as far as I’m aware.

That said, here is a very pertinent guide which covers using nginx for this purpose, the approach should be the same for Caddy with some config reverse engineering.

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