Proxy / Without


I’m trying to use “proxy” like this:

:2015 {
ext .html
log / stdout
proxy /api host:port/foo {
without /api

I want to call localhost:2015/api/bar and going to host:port/foo/bar but I am going to host:port/foo/api/bar

I am doing something wrong?


It works fine for me with your caddyfile

What version of caddy are you using?

Caddy 0.9.3

My test:
curl -X GET

Caddy log:
02/Dec/2016:21:54:14 +0100 [ERROR 502 /foo/api/bar] dial tcp i/o timeout - [02/Dec/2016:21:54:14 +0100] “GET /foo/api/bar HTTP/1.1” 502 16

ok I see the issue. There is something going on .

So you want to raise it as an issue on github

Ok done:

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