Proxy to port forwarding help

New to networking >.< and caddy, my net admin told me to figure this out and I’m struggling…

Attempting to connect basic proxy in front of host site im attempting to reach from outside network. {                       
	tls {
		dns digitalocean
	proxy / {

I have routing from to public IP address and I see communication forwarding to caddy host.

I’m attempting go from through cady host to host over port 1234.

Running the caddy file shows success activating features… done.

I cannot reach anything on sub.domain. com but i can reach host via

I’ve been researching this for days… took me about a week to figure out the dns digitalocean portion… >.<

Any help would be great.
Thank you!!!

Hi @jbrawley, welcome to the Caddy community.

This is a little vague, I’m afraid. What, exactly, do you see when you try? An error? A timeout? A certificate issue?

Are you accessing it via HTTP or HTTPS? Caddy is trying HTTPS, based on your Caddyfile.

You can use cURL to get an idea of what Caddy’s seeing when it tries to connect to the upstream host.

Try curl -IL from the shell on the Caddy host.

Hello @Whitestrake thank you so much for your time to help me out. I apologize for both the delay and vagueness. The issue was totally too many attempts and too many changes to everything… i needed to remove all sites from the caddy folder and start fresh i was able to isolate the issue and get this running w/out any issues.

I’m excited to get this working and excited to learn more from the community!

Thanks again!!!

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