ProxMox Cluster with Caddy and Modoboa

This is an ongoing effort on modoboa-mail-server-on-proxmox-with-caddy2-and-a-single-ip

Caddy Server 2.7.4
ProxMox Cluster PVE 8.0.4

Ubuntu Server VM 22.04.3 running a Modoboa latest installation with fully configured mail domain with the following Caddy config;

#Modoboa TestSite {
route {
reverse_proxy /.well-known/acme-challenge/*
redir https://{host}{uri} 308
} {

The Modoba mail server is running and exchanging mail traffic with other SMTP/IMAIL servers, but because I cannot access the web GUI to properly configure it the traffic generates errors.

The installation is by way of a python script
Modoboa documentation — Modoboa 2.2.0 documentation and completes successfully.

The DNS treatment is fully functional and the traffic errors are fully completed between the two mail servers, but the web GUI is unavailable to allow completion of the configuration
of the Modoboa Server.

The server at resolves to the defined static IP and passes traffic between the mail servers on port 25

The webserver nginx reverse proxy is the issue