[Proposal] Install via npm

I’m a JavaScript developer and have been using caddy for a while. For some projects I would really like to bring it along my dependencies so my team can have it without having to manually install caddy in their machines.


Yes, installing caddy via npm is possible thanks to a package called go-npm which I’ve pimped a bit to support additional configurations.


Mainly because it’s very useful to serve single page applications in a glimpse!

What would this mean for caddy?

Just a bit more effort when managing the releases as there would be a separate repository to update and publish to npm – even the latter part could be skipped as it can be installed as a github dependency, i.e:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "caddy run"
  "devDependencies": {
    "caddy-npm": "github:RecuencoJones/caddy-npm"

Is this something you would be interested in hosting and maintaining or is it okay if I keep it hosted in my github as well as publishing to npm?

Thanks for your outstanding work with Caddy!


We don’t mind at all if you maintain a method of distributing Caddy! The more ways there are for people to get Caddy, the more people can use it easily. :slight_smile:

The developers and core contributors are looking at official distribution through a number of channels but I’m not sure npm is on their radar right now. If it is, I’m sure they’ll contact you if they need to.



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