Problems with git plugin

I am trying to setup the git plugin but I get an error. I am following this youtube tutorial, but after 2:44 I get

root@ubuntu~# caddy
Activating privacy features… done.

On my server the structure is:
I have a directory called myreponame with an index.html and the Caddyfile. The Caddyfile contains:


root myreponame

When I type pwd I get /root, so I have tested to change the Caddyfile to:


root /root/myreponame

but I can the same error: 2019/01/18 18:20:18 listen tcp :443: bind: address already in use

Just shout out if I need to explain any further. I appreciate the help I get.

When I test with $ dig I get


This error means that Caddy tried to bind to port 443, but failed (because some other process is already using that port).

You can check which program it is with the command: netstat -tulpn | grep 443

Does not really tell me to much @Whitestrake

Looks like Caddy is already running in the background (with the process ID 31069). You won’t be able to run two Caddies on the same ports, so you’ll want to take down that one before starting it up again.

If it’s not running as a service, you can run the command kill -SIGTERM 31069 to have the system signal the other Caddy to shut down gracefully.

You know everything, thanks

And now I have a problem with webhooks…

This is now my Caddyfile:

git . {
hook /_webhook some-keys

root DirectoryWithFiles

Here is screenshot from Github:

And I get Last delivery was not succesfull

“could not connect to server”

Is the server running?

Can you access that URL in your browser?

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Works now. Haha, that was a blunder. Thanks!

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