"Powered by Caddy" branding?

Not sure if “showcase” is the proper place for this, but looking back through the forum it appears at one time there was a “Brand Kit”. We’d like to inform our customers that their solution is powered by caddy or some other appropriate statement… (with clear indication the caddy project is not endorsing our project in our 3rd party licensing documentation).

Is there some kind of branding you are encouraging the community to use in the spirit of project awareness?

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Hey Todd, great question –

On our current docs site there is a link to the v1 docs archive which you can download. Inside, you’ll find a folder path: caddyserver.com-archive/v1/resources/images/brand. The images in that folder comprised the old v1 brand kit. You could still use those. We just ask that you don’t change or distort the name/logo in any way, don’t make it feel too cramped (give it some margin), and don’t use with horrible colors. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, I’ll write up a integration showcase/example for here as we get through testing!

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Brand Kit 2.0 when? :joy:


When I have tiiiime :clock11: :upside_down_face:

Awesome, would love to see it!

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