Poll: Caddy as a Service?

What’s difficult about deploying, managing, and configuring Caddy?

Poll: What’s hard about deploying Caddy?
  • Cluster deployments - syncing many instances with same config
  • mTLS (TLS client auth) - automate mTLS certs & enforcement
  • Remote config of Caddy (admin endpoint setup / security)
  • Prod-ready deployments - setting up Caddy to be prod-ready
  • Scale - deploying many instances in a simple fashion
  • Hosted UI - an interface to manage Caddy
  • Complex deployments - deploy some Caddys inside infra, others externally exposed
  • Custom Modules / Plugins - redeploying Caddy with custom modules
  • Let’s Encrypt rate limits - avoiding rate limits because of complex scenarios
  • Certificate Authority - setting up an internal Certificate authority
  • Sidecar deployments - launching apps together w/ Caddy (at scale?)
  • Logs - Viewing all Caddy logs in unified manner
  • Configuration - configuring Caddy is difficult
  • Other - comment below

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I’m scratching my own itch by building a managed “Caddy as a Service” platform to make launching & maintaining Caddy easy. I’d appreciate your feedback on how you use Caddy in a commercial setting.

Below are a few ideas I have to solve some of the poll topics, let me know what you think in the comments:

  • Redeploy Caddy w/ custom module on git push
  • mTLS automation - automatically link up Caddy instances to enforce mTLS.
    • Other clients can fetch an mTLS cert via API
  • 1-click deploys of Caddy
    • Launch Caddy with your containerized app
    • Programmatically launch Caddy via API
  • Centralized UI for management, logs and config
  • Launch AWS EC2 images with Caddy running & managed via dashboard
  • 1-click global cluster deployments (synced configs, load-balanced, Anycast DNS, shared storage)

Thanks for your time!


I’m migrating all my servers from Nginx and so far, my Caddyfiles look so simple to be true. :sweat_smile:
I’ve migrated 2 servers already, they all work well, but I’m not sure if I’m missing some important prod-ready configs (modules to mitigate ddos, rate limits etc).
I can’t explain any better since I’m still fairly new to Caddy territory and I’m learning as I go…

So far, I’m happy with Caddy


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