Plugin's statistics

Hey guys!

I was thinking and I thought that having a kind of plugin’s statistics page would be nice. That page could contain some statistics like: monthly/weekly downloads, lifetime downloads, top downloaded extensions, “evolution” graphics and so on.

What do you think?


+1, that could also help inform decisions like moving the most popular ones into core and so forth.

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It’s a good idea, we’ll try to implement that with the new build server!

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I also want this for selfish reasons.


Ahahahah :smiley:

It’s nice to see that there are more people wanting this.

Under the hood, how should this be implemented? I’m down for simple: maybe just a file that we flush to disk every so often with stats encoded into it?

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I think so… I don’t know how build server works nor if it is saving the number of downloads somewhere. But logging that data is the first step to make. :smiley:

That’d be the most simple solution…