Plugin for tracking user activity

Hello, I have to a static website and I want to track what page gets clicked the most and what country is the IP from and similar, is there a plugin for that? If not, what would be a good option to accomplish this on VPS? I don’t want to use JS for this, only as last resort.

That’s something best done with client-side JS using some analytics service.

I can recommend, they use Caddy, and sponsor the project.

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Making my website dependent on users running JS doesn’t sound “best” at all. And this is something that could be done on back-end without bothering my users just by parsing requests. There is absolutely 0 reason to use JS for something like this.

Au contraire, you can only get certain insights from JS that the server can’t tell you. Using both will give you a more complete picture.

For example: browsers cache your server’s responses, so you might not get a request for every page load the user does. But JS will run on every page load.

Either way, the answer is “no, there’s no existing plugin for this”. You could write your own (it’s pretty easy):

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