Plesk with Vhosts Question

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This is a question before I begin to configure Caddy, so no errors yet.

I have a Plesk server that is running Nginx/Apache. Nginx is the reverse proxy. I planned to turn off Nginx and replace it with Caddy. The reason is that I have two Plesk servers(prod and test) and would like to proxy them thru one public IP. When I turn off Nginx on Plesk the Apache server reconfigures itself for port 80 and port 443. I would like to use port 80 internally.

I am reading over the Reverse Proxy to Webserver with Vhosts section of the tutorial(Caddy: Reverse Proxy — OPNsense documentation) and I do not really have a different internal vs external hostname. For example is the same name as the name of my vhost.

What would be the best way to configure Caddy, so that it asks for the right website on the Plesk server. Is it as simple as just making the domain and upstream domain the same?


Lets focus on your other thread first:

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Two different situations but first one is fixed…any thoughts on this one?

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