Plannning to make brotli an official included plugin?

I’ve been asked what is the Caddy devs plans for making Brotli an official supported encoder, especially as zstd doesn’t seem to be that available (at least for our client’s clients’ browsers - mostly rural farmers)

I’ve been hit by a latency issue with gzip, and more specifically for the client: caddy --gzip->CloudFlare --brotli-> client (it’s like 3MB API data that does gets compressed to ~200kb), so seems the brotli does help for my case so is currently testing the unofficial included via the download website, but I am hoping for the .deb/apt version to not be too “different” for these things in my deploys.

We did originally have it bundled, but the issue was that compression performance was terrible. It would eat up a lot of CPU resources. So we moved it out to a plugin. But there is a third-party plugin you can use if you must have it: GitHub - ueffel/caddy-brotli: Brotli compression encoder for Caddy

What you can do though is pre-compress the files and have the file_server serve those from disk. See the precompressed option here:

Follow these instructions to replace the binary you’re using with a custom one:

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