Per-User metrics

In multi-user mode, I want to collect the traffic information of each user, In order to customize more control strategies, such as traffic restrictions. I don’t know if there are any related plug-in solutions that implement these functions, thanks.

When you say “multi-user”, do you mean Linux users, or do you mean HTTP authenticated users?

Right now our metrics system is quite inflexible; partly because of limitations in the libraries we used, and partly because of lack of contributors who understand metrics well.

We’re looking for help with metrics. See the issues on GitHub relating to that topic to see if you have anything to contribute.

@francislavoie thank you for your reply, I mean the HTTP authenticated users. I want to Log user’s request/reponse size. Looks related to this issue : Feature request: Log request size · Issue #4494 · caddyserver/caddy · GitHub

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