Papers about Caddy and CaddyTaylor in french magazines (for French speaking people)

I should have posted this topic in the Announcements category, but I’m not allowed.

I’m proud to announce that I published two papers in two french magazines (both from Diamond Editions) about Caddy and my side project CaddyTaylor:

Those magazines are available on newsstands until September. Or you may buy them online at any time. I hope some of you will enjoy reading them and find it useful.


Oh neat!! Thanks for sharing!

Caddy v1 was featured in this magazine over 5 years ago. Maxime even sent me a physical copy of the magazine which I think I still have.

I’ll have to get a copy of the articles and get them translated (Google Translate, I guess?) so I can read them :smiley:

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@matt I can try to get a physical copy of those if you send me your postal address in private.

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