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Hello all
Anyone can recommend a good and easy to install (Linux) mailserver?
I need it for several users only, so no heavy database ability needed.

Someone should write one as a Caddy plugin :rolling_eyes:


Unfortunately it’s a bit outside of the scope of this forum so I can’t guarantee anyone will be able to help you here, but while I’ve never set it up myself I’ve heard good things about https://mailinabox.email/.

That or Migadu, they have a very nice service and a fantastic pricing model. Personally I pay Fastmail for my email (Aussie company).

There are 2 major go written ones (aka the backend mailserver parts - no frontend) GitHub - gopistolet/gopistolet: Mailserver written in Go and GitHub - bradfitz/go-smtpd: SMTP server library for Go. go-smtpd is mostly just a smtp library, but gopistolet is currently written to be a complete webserver.

Just out of curiousity does anyone know a good server relay (a go written binary) listening on mails pushed to localhost and send with authentication and encryption to an smtp server? I already use the usual linux programs, but watching go alternatives is always nice.

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Reading up on mailserver and other parts of the mail chain. The needed implementation for a localhost → smtp programm is the MUA (Message User Agent), which usually talks authenticated via username and password on port 587 to a MSA (Message Submission Agent).

The mailserver usually implements MSA and MTA, which gopistolet seems to implement. No idea about a MUA implementation yet. Suggestions welcome.

Thanks Matthew, but I saw that mail-in-a-box create my mail server on a cloud server and not on my computer server.

You just need a server with shell access, you can do it in a VM or locally on a Linux box. They just recommend a cloud server / VPS because it’ll generally be up regardless of your home internet or server status.

curl -s https://mailinabox.email/bootstrap.sh | sudo bash

Take a look at GitHub - Mailu/Mailu: Insular email distribution - mail server as Docker images, it’s an interesting project that implements a full mail server using Docker.


For private use you might also want to check out Poste.io, which is an entire mail system within a docker container.

I thought Mailu/Mailu was the free, dockerized edition of Postie.io?

Thank you all for your support.
I tried them all and have problems in installations. I believe that this is because I am using Mint - Serena (18).
CADDY is working perfect on it.
Docker doesn’t work good. during installation docker is checking the linux ver. and it got “serena” as an answer. Unrecognized by docker so it skip installing part of packages.
I believe that I should go back to the old traditional ubuntu mail servers .

It’s not a bad idea to go to a more popular distro for the higher level of support.

I did find this guide for installing Docker on Mint, though, via the official repository (so via apt, which should work well).

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So you say that I gave-up too early…I suppose you are right.
Thank you for the link. I am learning new development sw, and new electronic components that I want to use, so I gave-up with the mail server. Your answer and link encouraging me to continue. Thanks again

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