OS X: caddy server in docker container is extremely slow

I am running caddy in a docker container on OS X El Capitan. The caddy server is extremely slow. It takes minutes to load a page.

The caddy server is loaded via docker-compose. It sits behind a reverse proxy (jwilder/nginx-proxy).

Here is the caddy file:

log stdout
errors stdout

fastcgi / php:9000 php

root /var/www/web

rewrite / {
    to {path} {path}/ /index.php?{query}

Is your access log reporting 1min+ load times?

Are you perfectly certain it is Caddy ?
Have you compared performance with other applications ?
Is the container or host doing any domain/hostname resolve ?

If you are using Docker for Mac, I know docker-compose is slow in executing commands but that should not affect a running container.

You will need to provide more details to enable us narrow down the issue.

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