Odoo SSL (windows Server)

I want to make odoo secure by adding SSL i tried several times but i’m not sure why it doesn’t work it redirects to http rathen than https.
I did alot of research and came across caddy site and it seems like to be simply and easy to configure but i’m not sure if it works on windows server.
Can somebody please write step by step instruction.
I’ve deployed odoo on internal server with its running with all default settings.(port 8069 etc)
I’ve the server public ip point to a domain name.
Thanks in advance

Hi @itweb,

There’s a full user guide available at the main website, which will take you through downloading, running, and configuring Caddy on Windows.


hi Matthew,
What plugins do i have to install to make odoo secure.
And where do i put the downloaded (caddy file) in odoo dir.


Caddy uses secure TLS settings by default when using Automatic HTTPS. No plugins are required.

Some people like to set security headers, like HSTS and X-Frame-Options, in the Caddyfile. If you want to, you can configure them with the header directive, which is also built in by default.


As for a location for the downloaded Caddy executable, that’s entirely up to you:

Move the executable to any folder that’s easy to get at. For example, C:\Caddy.


is there a video tutorial or step by step instruction on how to setup caddy on odoo running on windows server.?

We don’t have any guides for configuring Caddy to serve Odoo specifically, I’m afraid. It should be quite straightforward, though.

A quick Google search turned up this guide:

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