Obsolete info on caddy home page?

caddyserver.com currently includes this text:


Caddy supports making WebSocket connections directly to local programs’ stdin/stdout streams that work a little bit like CGI.

However, I can only find information about this feature in the v1 docs. Searching the v2 docs does not show any info about this feature. Does it still exist in v2? If not, it might be a good idea to remove this section from the home page. If it does still exist, it would be good if the docs search returned it when searching for “websocket”.

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Oops, yeah, that’s an old feature. (No one really used it.) It’s easy to implement as a plugin, if you still want that. (Can borrow from the v1 code even.)

But Caddy does proxy websockets effortlessly!

I updated the verbiage. It’ll go live on the website next time we deploy it.

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