Number of virtual hosts

Just a quick check before I start copying caddy files around and such.

I am using the latest version of Caddy (0.10) on Windows 2012 x64, but I saw the same with the previous version. I have 15 virtual hosts working just fine, but when I add another, Caddy won’t start - NSSM reports “Unexpected status SERVICE_PAUSED in response to START control”. There is nothing in caddy.log at this point.

I’ve done this multiple times, with the virtual host details typed, or copied and edited, and with different setups and host names. It’s not the name, because I can attach that to an existing host without problems.

It seems surprising to me that there might be such a modest hard limit, so I hope there’s something else causing this.

If there is a limit, is it possible (in Windows) to run two instances of Caddy specifying different Caddy Files in the command line, either from the same disk copy, or from copies in different directories?


Huh. Thought I’d beaten that for sure on one of my Caddy instances, but turns out I had exactly 15. I added another one to make 16, it’s still serving just fine through a reload and a full restart. I’m only running 0.9.5 at the moment though - did you say you had this problem on that version number too?

Mine’s running in a Docker container on Ubuntu.

There should be nothing stopping you from running two simultaneous Caddy instances on Windows, except for the fact that they won’t be able to share ports.

There’s no limit. There are single Caddy instances serving thousands of sites. I’ve never had any problems, so my initial assumption is it must be something wrong with whatever NSSM is.

NSSM is “Non-Sucky Service Manager”, an alternative to using Windows commands directly to set up a service - I used it because it was recommended in the instructions I read for installing Caddy in Windows, though I’ve also used it in the past. In any case, I’m pretty sure I had exactly the same when using the Windows commands directly, but I’ll have a go at reproducing it.

Blush - this time it was a typo in the caddy file, in spite of my checking (should have run caddy to check it first!).

The older instance (which I left on the back burner) I’ll have to check separately.

Sorry for the noise.

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