No such site at :80

I have a multi-part host name that I’m trying to route to a port on the same host, so I have a declaration like this: {
    proxy / localhost:32776 {

and if I connect to I get the service I expect but when attempting to connect to I get the error mentioned in the subject header.

also, thinking it might the multi-part name I tried it with but I get the same error…

this is pretty simple, what am I missing?

Are you using autohttps? What Caddy version?

So you’re connecting externally from, but internally from

Is the service you have at :32776 configured to respond to requests for host

You might try a simpler Caddyfile to rule out proxy issues: {

Then load up and see if you get a response from Caddy at :80. Logging will also help you here to determine what Caddy’s doing with requests for this site.

v0.9.3 on Ubuntu 16.04. as for whether I’m using autohttps, if I don’t set tls off in a declaration then I guess I am, right? I’m not passing any special parameters to caddy

I figured it out. caddy wasn’t running where I thought it was and was thus reading the wrong config file. thanks for the help guys. it’s now running as expected. yea!


Glad to hear it’s fixed.

To address this specifically, Automatic HTTPS will not provision certificates unless a number of criteria are met. You can break any of these criteria intentionally to stop Caddy from getting LetsEncrypt certificates for the specific site. The list of criteria can be found here - so for example, would get a certificate, where would not, and neither would tls off also works as you noted.

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