Nginx return directive in caddy -- return json

I am trying to migrate a nginx config file to caddy. How can I rewrite this?

    location /.well-known/matrix/client {
        add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin '*';
        return 200 '{ "m.homeserver": { "base_url": "domain here" } }';

P.S: Let me know if you are running your matrix homeserver with Caddy. Love to hear from you.

Very easy, please see the docs: Caddyfile Directives — Caddy Documentation

handle /.well-known/matrix/client {
    header  Access-Control-Allow-Origin *
    respond `{ "m.homeserver": { "base_url": "domain here" } }`

Since I run multiple matrix servers, if figured I put my two cents in here :smiley:

If you wanna get all fancy, you could do the following to group both the /.well-known/matrix/client and /.well-known/matrix/server:

## matrix client/server delegation
handle_path /.well-known/matrix/* {

    header Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

    ## `Content-Type: application/json` isn't required by the matrix spec
    ## but some browsers (firefox) and some other tooling might preview json 
    ## content prettier when they are made aware via Content-Type
    header Content-Type application/json

    respond /client `{ "m.homeserver": { "base_url": "" } }`

    respond /server `{ "m.server": "" }`

    ## return http/404 if nothing matches 
    respond 404

The port in /server is, and I quote the synapse docs here:

Note, specifying a port is optional. If no port is specified, then it defaults to 8448.

After I wrote the post here, I was curious whether the synapse docs have a client/server delegation example for Caddy.
And they do! :party:
synapse/ at e78d4f61fc881851ab35e9a889239a61cf9805e5 · matrix-org/synapse · GitHub

They set the Content-Type header too, in addition to Access-Control-Allow-Methods and Access-Control-Allow-Headers, which aren’t necessary either, but feel free to add them if you like :slight_smile:

And they opted to use Caddyfile#snippets with import (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation which works too, if you prefer that.


Thank you @IndeedNotJames!
I forgot to check the synapse docs (I use dendrite). On that note, have you tried it? It seems it has been in beta forever. Not sure if I should use synapse instead. I was captivated with the idea of using less resources.

I only run/maintain synapse servers right now :woman_shrugging:

I also kinda love how synapse still has

Help!! Synapse is slow and eats all my RAM/CPU!

in its README :smiley:

But it is the only spec-complete implementation as of right now.

Both Dendrite (Matrix/Element people) and Conduit (famedly) are still lacking some Server2Server and Client2Server APIs.

dendrite/ at d983d17355584b7de086389e069a935f1a5510a1 · matrix-org/dendrite · GitHub
Issues · matrix-org/dendrite · GitHub · a2a7c6187228bbcbbefadaa703e5afe469b7cbfe · Famedly / Conduit · GitLab
Conduit 1.0 · Milestones · Famedly / Conduit · GitLab

Dendrite is becoming more and more complete, but it will still take a while before it is truly complete.

All the cool p2p demos are built on dendrite though (This Week in Matrix 2022-03-18 | and (Introducing P2P Matrix | and (Introducing the Pinecone overlay network |

I can’t really speak for Conduit because I don’t follow its development as much.

Oh, and most experimental MSCs [Matrix Spec Changes] usually land in synapse first, if you care about that.

So I would argue, stick with synapse for your main server for now and maybe run another implementation on a separate (sub-) domain :slight_smile:

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:heart: ! Thank you @IndeedNotJames.
Do you hang out in any public matrix room? I’d love to join.


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Glad I could help :blush:

I only really lurk in public matrix rooms, but if you are searching rooms via Element Web/Desktop (onboarding is a bit rough):

  • Click on the little compass icon next to your search bar/icon top-left
  • Click on the Matrix rooms (<server name>) dropdown if you aren’t seeing any rooms (or wanna discover another public server)
  • Either select an existing one or click Add a new server… and add another server like,,, or smaller ones like
    Now you should be able to see at least some public rooms

Alternatively, you could join/discover Spaces like If you want to learn more about Spaces the following blog post by Element might be a good summary:

I understand we have public rooms in matrix. I wanted to know if you hang out in any of those so I can join too.

Thank you!

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